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Steward Julian H.. (1938). Basin-Plateau Aboriginal Sociopolitical groups. Washington: United States Government Printing Office

Palabras clave: Etnología,

Basin-Plateau Aboriginal Sociopolitical groups
Herskovits Melville J.. (1938). Dahomey : An Ancient West African Kingdom. New York: J. J. Augustin

Palabras clave: África, Benin, Etnología,

Dahomey : An Ancient West African Kingdom
Herskovits Melville J.. (1938). Acculturation: the study of culture contact. New York: J. J. Augustin

Palabras clave: Aculturación, Etnología,

Acculturation: the study of culture contact
Fitzgerald C. P.. (1938). China : A Short Cultural History. New York: D. Appleton-Century Co.

Palabras clave: China, Civilización, Historia,

China : A Short Cultural History
Boas Franz. (1938). The Mind of Primitive Man. New York: MacMillan and Co.

The Mind of Primitive Man
Boas Franz. (1938). General Anthropology. Boston: D. C. Heath and Company

Palabras clave: Antropología cultural,

General Anthropology
  • Kenyatta Komo. (1938). Facing Mont Kenya. Nairobi, Kenia: Heinemann Educational Books

    Palabras clave: África,

  • LaBarre Weston. (1938). The peyote cult. London, UK: University of Oklahoma Press

    Palabras clave: Peyote, Rituales,

    Pearl S. Buck. (1938). The Promise. Londres: Methuen & Co.

    The Promise
    André Gide. (1938). Afterthoughts On The USSR. New York: The Dial Press

    Afterthoughts On The USSR